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Chantal's Baby Blue Leather Jacket

Squint your eyes and it kind of looks like a jean jacket.

I am so on board with the idealized Americana aesthetic that Coach has been selling since its brand re-boot. It's somehow retro and polished at the same time, and the fall ad campaign only solidified my good feelings about it. I just want to wrap myself in shearling and hitchhike across Idaho with River Phoenix (R.I.P.)

So, when I saw that this impossibly soft baby blue leather jacket was 50% off, my heart skipped a beat (JK — it's still too expensive). The blue hue is a perfect combination of faded denim and cloudy blue skies. It has a foam backing to keep the jacket unnaturally stiff, which is a refreshingly sharp silhouette for leather. And of course, there's the sheepskin collar. Yes, yes, yes.

Coach Leather Jean Jacket, $798 (from $1,595), available at Coach

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Update: Jiminy Crickets! This jacket is no longer available online. It is still available in stores though. Call your local Coach store or 866-262-2440 if interested. The style number is 85543.