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Eliza's Jacket for Looking Like a Cool Art Teacher

Should the mood strike you.

In my opinion, Cos gets better the closer it strikes to the oddball end of the aesthetic spectrum. By "oddball," I mean anything that's not exclusively slim and well-tailored and minimal. Stuff that's actually a little too boxy to be flattering.

Take this printed down jacket, for instance. It's the kind of thing that immediately makes me think of practical but chill art teachers who wear dangly beaded earrings and are skilled at pointing out the good in even the most inept attempts at painting. Between its straight cut and abstract print, it's so borderline uncool. Which is, in its own messed up way, very cool. Ugh. But anyway.

Its colors also feel very appropriate for near-spring weather, so my attraction to it is also clearly a cry for winter's end. Maybe if we all start dressing accordingly, we can speed the warming process along.

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Cos Printed Down Jacket, $94, available at Cos.