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20 Cozy Things You Can Wear to the Office

Without looking like a slob.

Here are Fashionista, we are all about pushing boundaries. And the boundary in question today is how warm and cuddly can one dress while still looking work-appropriate? 

Obviously, every office dress code is different, but there are fleece-lined track pants and fuzzy sweater coats that manage to look sharp without sacrificing warmth. You can also incorporate comfier pieces with more boardroom-appropriate staples, like blazers and oxford shirts, to keep up whatever formality you require. And there's nothing more soothing than lined boots when the weather outside is frightful. Choose sleeker designs  (or even shearling-lined pumps) for a more polished look. Prioritizing cold-repelling comfort has never looked so good.

Read on for our favorite cozy picks. 

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