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Eliza's Pins (For People Who Aren't Grandmas)

pins 2.jpg

Pins: strictly the territory of political protestors and ladies over 60 dressing up their lapels for church? I'm starting to think not. 

While perusing the accessories section of Creatures of Comfort's website I happened upon these these brass guys, at first mistaking them for the kind of cute little earrings I would buy up in a fit of retail madness. But no, they were and are pins. That initial surprise got me thinking about the unexpected places you could place them. I love the idea of unobtrusively jazzing up your clothing with a pineapple stealthily stuck to the collar of a turtleneck or a cheery "Aloha" sitting between the buttons on an Oxford shirt. 

Big, glittery brooches, now, are another matter entirely.

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