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Tyler's Effortless Razor

Bonus: It's neither pink nor purple.

Shaving your legs is just one of the many annoying and repetitive tasks women do because, I dunno, society one day decided it was cool? (For the record, I like shaving, but seriously, why do we do this again?)

The most annoying part of shaving, easily, is buying razors. Depending on the extent and frequency of your shaving, you're replacing those blades once a week, minimum — and let me tell you something, those suckers are expensive. And you oftentimes can't even just walk into a drugstore and pick them up, you have to ask an associate to get them for you and it's all just. so. annoying.

So when I read Cheryl's piece on razors I thought I'd give the Dollar Shave Club subscription a try and let me just say: I looooooove it. It's taken all the thought out of shaving (well, except for the parts around my shins, I still have to focus on that). The blades show up once a month just when I need them and I like the classic, non-girly design of the handle. 

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I use the 4x (aka the "Lover's Blade" oooooo0o0oh), but I also like their shaving butter and post-shave cream which are both non-girly and soothing. 

Dollar Shave Club 4x razor, starting at $6/mo, available at Dollar Shave Club.

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