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Emma Stone Makes a Case for the Formal Skirt

For versatile ladylike dressing.
Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

There's been a little break in Emma Stone's press tour for "Birdman," but now the actress is back, reminding us once again how amazing she is at looking absolutely perfect for every occasion. Take Monday, when she attended a talk about "Birdman" for the SAG Foundation at the New School and, later, a dinner to celebrate the film.

Her outfit worked perfectly for both events, arguably, because she chose a skirt instead of a dress -- a dress as formal as this lovely ankle-length floral-printed skirt would have been too much for the New School talk, but the skirt works perfectly paired with a more casual, simple shirt with a daintily jeweled neckline.

If she wanted to (and actually owns this skirt), Stone could change up her look by switching tops -- a simple button-down oxford could make it more casual, while a more structured sleeveless top could dress it up. It's a skirt of all trades. Basically, a long, dressy-but-versatile skirt is officially on my 2015 shopping list.

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