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Meet Florrie, Star of the New H&M Loves Music Campaign

This London-based singer, songwriter and drummer caught the Swedish retailer's attention, and now she's hoping to get yours.
Florrie in the H&M Loves Music campaign.

Florrie in the H&M Loves Music campaign.

The fashion and music worlds often cross-pollinate, with musicians occasionally serving as muses, models and event entertainment for fashion designers. But over the years, H&M has made music an integral part of its brand. Not only does the Swedish retailer have a major presence at music festivals like Coachella — which it's partnering with on a co-branded clothing line this year — but it also shows support for up-and-coming artists in the industry through the H&M Loves Music campaign. 

On Thursday, the brand announced that British singer, songwriter and drummer Florrie, whom it believes has the chops to become the music scene's newest "It" girl, will front the campaign for spring. The self-taught musician, who has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud, stars in print ads for the festival-ready collection that will arrive in stores later this month. To celebrate her new gig, Florrie debuted the video for her self-produced single "Too Young To Remember" on the retailer's site. It's a throwback to the '90s, styled by Phoebe Arnold, and is the perfect introduction to her sound and adorable style. 

The singer took the time to chat with Fashionista a bit about how working with fashion brands (she's also performed for Prada and Miu Miu) has helped her career and what working in music has taught her about style over the years. Get to know her right here before her new album drops this spring, and watch the video for her upcoming single (due out March 8) below.

What made you want to partner with a fashion brand to debut your new video?

H&M’s a brand that I’ve been shopping at since I was about 13 — I’d peer in the windows in my school days — and they love supporting new artists and introducing their fans to up-and-coming talent. It’s a worldwide campaign that enables a wider audience to discover my music, so it seems like a perfect fit, especially since I do love the collection. It’s very much my “thing.” 

Has support from the fashion industry helped your career?

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It’s been amazing all of the brands I have worked with. All of the modeling stuff has been a result of my music — that is my whole life and my passion, so it’s amazing that they’ve been enthusiastic about my songs and what I am doing. As an artist, all you really want is a chance to be heard. People can decide whether they like it or not, but working on an album and all these tracks, I just want people to hear them. By partnering with a brand it really helps with that — it's a great opportunity.

Did you ever seek out gigs in fashion or did they just fall into your lap?

That was never the plan — I just knew I wanted to make music and sing and play drums. My first partnership was with Nina Ricci, four years ago. They were looking for a new artist to support and have in a fashion campaign, and it was the first thing I’d ever done, but it was big. I’ve played shows for Prada and Miu Miu and things other than the modeling side of it, which were cool as well.

What have you learned about fashion and style through the years you've been performing?

My on-stage style is an extension of my day-to-day style, and I’ve learned a lot about fashion from doing music. I think that four years ago when I started, I was just trying things out and seeing whether they’d work, but now I have a really good idea about what I don’t like. I like to have a little bit of a “wow” factor onstage, something bright or eye catching. Even something black and white that’s really simple, but it looks amazing in photos. I used to wear really high heels, but I decided against it after a while. It’s a miracle I never fell on my face.

Are there any musicians whose style you've always admired?

Debbie Harry, definitely. She can pull anything off. I like the androgynous look, really good tailoring — simple, clean, chic. I also am loving Taylor Swift’s new album at the moment and her style. And Madonna, she can dress so many different ways but you still know it’s Madonna. She’s always pushing boundaries.