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That Justin Bieber Campaign Gained Calvin Klein Millions of Social Media Followers

They can't all be hate follows, either.
There's no escaping it. Photo: Calvin Klein

There's no escaping it. Photo: Calvin Klein

Photoshopped or not, those Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein ads certainly got people's attention. From this weekend's SNL send up to Twitter threats against co-star Lara Stone, people are talking — and no one is benefitting more than Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein confirmed, as WWD first reported, that since the debut of Bieber's campaign on Jan. 6, the brand has gained over 3.6 million followers across its social media channels. The trade also reports that in the 48 hours following the launch, the #mycalvins hashtag generated 1.6 million Twitter mentions; to put that in perspective, it's five times the number of mentions garnered by #breaktheinternet after Paper debuted Kim Kardashian's naked cover.

Now that Bieber is set to have his own Comedy Central roast, where the ads are sure to get mocked, the brand will gain even more exposure. So love him or hate him, Bieber and his "bulge" are doing precisely what they were hired to do. 

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