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Justin Bieber's Abs Get the Photoshop Treatment for Calvin Klein

Can you Belieb it?
#FreeLaraStone. Photo: Calvin Klein

#FreeLaraStone. Photo: Calvin Klein

On Tuesday, Calvin Klein revealed that Justin Bieber was really and truly the new face of its underwear. "Hooray!" said Beliebers. "Whatever! I still don't get it!" said adults.

"Photoshop!" said Twitter.

That's right: Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the pop star appeared more cut in the ads than he does in real life. The difference is noticeable when you see the campaign videos alongside the campaign images. Don't believe us? Here's a video featuring the Biebs (which truthfully I would like to un-see):

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And here are a few images from the campaign:

A side by side comparison:


The kid is clearly in shape, but it does appear the 'shoppers at CK darkened up some of the lines of his abs and pecs to make them appear more muscly. More interesting is the fact that they added more pubic hair. What a world we live in!

The #meminist movement has been telling us for ages that men face the same unrealistic beauty expectations as women. Maybe they were right all along...