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Alyssa's Life-Saving Dry Shampoo

For those days when you can barely be bothered to get dressed — let alone do your hair.
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We're coming off of the holiday break and it finally started snowing here in New York, which is basically a recipe for laziness in the beauty department. So, what's a girl to do on those days when she can't be bothered to put together an outfit or do her hair? Two words: dry shampoo. With my thick hair, I'm fortunate enough to be able to go three or four days without washing and styling, but on the in-between days, I always use something to freshen up my 'do. Of all of the products I've tried, this one is my favorite.

This Kérastase dry shampoo has been a mainstay in my beauty arsenal for the past year or so. It goes on lightly (so no need to worry about a matte, powdery residue) and it smells delicious — almost as good as freshly washed hair. Whether my waves are a bit flat from wearing my beanie for too many hours in a row or slightly mussed from the misty weather, this always does the trick. Don't worry, I never let this substitute for the real thing, but it's certainly tempting.

Kérastase Powder Bluff dry shampoo, $29.50, available at Amazon.

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