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Kim Kardashian Is Chic and Surprisingly Funny In Her T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

We've got to hand it to T-Mobile's ad team. This is brilliant.

Sorry, Victoria's Secret, but T-Mobile just broke ahead as the frontrunner for this year's best Super Bowl commercial thanks to a little-known comedic genius named Kim Kardashian.

Framed as an infomercial for the millions who deal with unused data being taken back by their wireless companies each month, Kim K serves as the commercial's soothingly deadpan spokesperson. 

"Data you paid for that could be used to see my makeup, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations... and my outfits," she says. "Sadly all lost."

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The reality star, who also fronted a sexy/awkward Sketchers Shape-Ups Super Bowl ad three years ago, does indeed wear some good outfits throughout the ad. A black suit with a banded bra underneath; a little white tennis outfit; another sleek white gown; a black ski look shot with her butt in profile. With its neutral palette and clean lines, this is actually Kim Kardashian fashion at its best and classiest. 

So hats off to you, T-Mobile. Hilarious and very well styled.