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Dhani's Winter Warmth Enhancer

For when you could use one more layer.
Photo: Uniqlo

Photo: Uniqlo

The East Coast has been victim to a sudden and unwelcome cold front recently, and sometimes when the temps dip well below freezing, even your warmest coat isn't quite warm enough for walking the NYC streets. So, I went to Uniqlo this past weekend in search of something to supplement my cold weather look when some added warmth is needed, and I found the perfect thing.

The retailer, known for its technological approach to fabrics, now sells something called Ultra Light Down Compact, which is apparently even lighter than its Ultra Light Down, and thus perfect for layering. I prefer the vest to the coat as it creates less arm bulk. Plus, it has a lower crew neckline so it won't necessarily show underneath my top layer. It even comes in a whopping 18 colors. I went with a practical navy, but now sort of wish I got the purple. It's real pretty.

Women Ultra Light Down Compact Vest, $49.90, available at Uniqlo.

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