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Marc Jacobs Collaborates with Zana Bayne on Sex-ccessories

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!
Yes ma'am. Photo: Marc Jacobs

Yes ma'am. Photo: Marc Jacobs

Just in time for that upcoming greeting card-promulgated holiday/that upcoming film about getting tied up for the sexy times, Marc Jacobs has teamed up with the mistress of leather goods Zana Bayne on a line of sex accessories. (Sex-ccessories! Let's make that a thing.)

Ali Michaels wonderfully, somewhat awkwardly models the line, which ranges from $65 for leather heart nipple pasties (attention, Miley) to $240 for a heart-shaped crop. Hearts are, unsurprisingly, a recurring theme of the collection, rendered in black or red leather. Some of the pieces — namely, the leather handcuffs — could conceivably be worn outside the boudoir (very Louis Vuitton fall 2011 of you). 

The pieces are sold exclusively in Marc Jacobs stores and on — so better, hop to it. 

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