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Lauren's Long Gray Sweater

A tall girl-friendly sweater that will transition from winter to spring.
mih sweater full.jpg

Most days, I like being tall. In fact, I imagine I'm rather obnoxious about it. I can see over things! I don't have to wear heels to see eye to eye with people! I don't have to get my pants hemmed! etc.

But then I go sweater shopping and all my tall smugness vanishes. If you're 5'10", finding a long, structured sweater -- one that will cover but not cling to your bum and the upper part of your thighs and look great with slim cropped pants -- is no easy feat. Fortunately, I came across this chunky gray-green sweater from MIH Jeans's resort collection. The model is 5'10", so I know the sweater is long enough. And because it's 100 percent cotton, I won't have to worry about pilling or clinginess. Problem solved.

MIH Jeans square polo chunky roll neck sweater, $265, available at MIH Jeans.

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