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Moschino's Spring Campaign Had a Serious Photoshop Mishap

Call the Photoshop police.
Photo: Steven Meisel/Moschino

Photo: Steven Meisel/Moschino

Moschino's spring campaign, a black and white affair shot by Steven Meisel, is admirable for a few reasons. Solid casting, for starters, with Hollie-May Saker, Anna Ewers and Sasha Luss leaping and mugging for the camera like leggy triplets. And it somehow makes the Barbie-themed collection, which was ridiculous veering into garish on the runway, look cool. We'd chalk that up to a combination of Ewers and languid hair.

Just, uh, one question. Where is Sasha Luss's left leg? 

Maybe it got scared. Maybe it's taking a mental health day. Maybe it was still getting its leg makeup done and didn't get to set on time. Who knows! Actually, maybe Sasha Luss's right leg does.

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Big hat tip to the eagle eyes over at The Fashion Spot who first pointed out this Photoshop fun. A Moschino rep didn't immediately respond to request for comment, but we'll update when we hear back.