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Schiaparelli to Show Couture Without a Creative Director

Can an in-house design team do better than Marco Zanini?
Schiaparelli couture fall 2014. Photo: Imaxtree

Schiaparelli couture fall 2014. Photo: Imaxtree

Two months after Schiaparelli announced the departure of creative director Marco Zanini, who had shown only two couture collections for the rebooted fashion house, the label is still without a replacement. But the show must go on.

According to the official calendar, Schiaparelli will show during Couture Week in Paris on Jan. 26. There will be two shows, one for press and another for clients. The collection will be the work of the in-house design team, a rep for the brand confirmed.

So far, Schiaparelli's revival hasn't been easy -- and Zanini seemed to have a hard time striking the right balance between past and present, fantastical and wearable. Will a design team be able to do better? We'll find out soon.

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