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Lauren's Beloved (and Cheap!) Fleecy Turtleneck

It's only $9.90.

I generally find winter on the East Coast insufferable, but this one — despite the wind and the intimidatingly low temperatures — does not feel so bad. And I think that's because I have Heattech-ed my wardrobe. 

Heattech is one of Uniqlo's bestselling product lines — it's thin, retains heat, wicks moisture and seemingly never smells, all of which make it perfect for layering under sweaters, pants and boots in the winter. I have camisoles, scoop-neck tees, turtlenecks and socks (OMG the socks) for layering. And then recently I discovered the fleece turtleneck tee. It's thick and meant to be worn alone — and it's wonderful: it's soft and cozy and, in light colors, looks surprisingly luxe for something that is a) partly composed of fleece and b) currently costs $9.90 on Uniqlo's website. I own it in three colors ... and counting.

Uniqlo Heattech Fleece Turtle Neck Long Sleeve T, $9.90, available at Uniqlo.

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