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Chantal's Smart, Striped Pants

Versatility for the legs, day or night.

I'm really over dresses. I can't be bothered with them at this point — and it's not just due to the winter weather. Pants are so much easier for walking around the city and sitting for hours in front of the computer each day (like, ahem, right now). But I simply don't have great, versatile pants that aren't jeans, and I've found that a smart pair of trousers can always elevate my basic Uniqlo sweater, no matter messy my hair is or how dirty my glasses are — it's instant sophistication. 

These Vince wool striped trousers are exactly what I'm looking for. They can be worn with slip-ons or heels and can pair with any kind of top, whether it's a printed blouse or a simple henley. The look is cool, sleek, grown up: all adjectives I could use help conveying. 

Vince Tropical Wool Triple Striped Strapping Trouser, $295.00, available at Vince.

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