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14 Hand Creams to Soften Up Your Dry, Parched Granny Hands This Winter

For all budgets.
Photo: Arun Nevader/Getty Images

Photo: Arun Nevader/Getty Images

My hand cream addiction started during those brutal Boston winters in college, when I'd blow all my money on $30 tubes of Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment (or "crème jeunesse des mains" as I annoyingly liked to say, because the fancy French translation seemed to justify the then-extravagance). I even stopped leaving the white and red tube in the living room because I realized my roommate was helping herself to generous amounts of the lush cream like it was generic Lubriderm or something. (It's like $2 an application!) 

But seriously, a really good hand cream is a must in the winter. Not just to soothe parched, weather-beaten hands (made worse by all the neurotic hand-washing) and painful cracked cuticles, but because dry, raisin-y hands can make you look older.  At this point, my winter hand wrinkles are putting about 10 years on me. So in the name of research -- and my quest for eternal youth -- I tried out a slew of adorably packaged, totally portable and ultra-moisturizing hand creams for the season — plus a few old favorites, like my trusty Clarins.

Click through the gallery below to see how you can keep your hands soft, moisturized and youthful this winter — and in a range of price points, from low to La Mer.

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