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Alyssa's Go-To Faux Leather Leggings

These babies are a fashion editor favorite.
Photo: Aritzia

Photo: Aritzia

I've lived in New York for about five years, and since the moment I moved here, I've had a pair of leather leggings at the top of my perennial wish list. They're the ideal closet staple to turn to in the winter months when most of your look is covered up by some puffy (and probably less than stylish) outerwear, and are a key item to own if you're subconsciously hoping to achieve that model-off-duty aesthetic which runs rampant among the downtown folks. However, every year when I go shopping for them, I have an almost visceral reaction to spending upwards of $1,000 on pants, and so I put the purchase off again and again.

As it turns out, a few of my industry friends have had the same internal dilemma — especially since leather pants have a tendency to stretch out with normal wear — but they all had the same solution: the vegan leather leggings from Aritzia. Due to their popularity, they're often sold out at the Soho store near the Fashionista offices, but after getting some sizing advice from an associate (these leggings, too, stretch out plenty) I ordered a pair online and have been pleasantly surprised so far. They're tough to pull on since they're literally skin tight, but they're incredibly soft to the touch and don't have that plastic-y look some faux leather items do. 

I will likely turn to these plenty of times during Fashion Month — most likely with an oversized, chunky sweater or some layered button-down shirts and heeled booties — and I suspect a few of my fellow editor friends have the same plan.

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