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Converse Dismisses Lawsuits Against H&M, Zulily, Tory Burch

Since suing 31 companies for trademark infringement back in October, Converse has settled a number of those cases out of court.
The shoes in question. Photo: Instagram/@converse

The shoes in question. Photo: Instagram/@converse

Back in October, Converse filed lawsuits against a whopping 31 retailers and manufacturers for trademark infringement certain elements of its sneakers' design, claiming that its shoes had reached iconic status in American culture. Although this sweeping offensive move was quite the PR play, Fordham Law professor Susan Scafidi told Fashionista at the time that the majority of those cases would likely be settled out of court.

Looks like she was right right as Converse has voluntarily dismissed a number of them already. On Feb. 6 and 23, the shoe brand notified the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn that it was dismissing its suits against H&M and Tory Burch, respectively; on Feb. 10, it filed notice that it was dismissing its case against Zulily "in view of an agreement" reached between the two parties. On Feb. 11, Converse dismissed its legal action against Ralph Lauren. 

A rep for Converse declined to confirm or comment on these settlements, since they're still pending. We'll see how the rest pan out.

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