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Creatures of the Wind Does Americana Its Own Way for Fall

This ain't no red, white and blue, folks.
A look from the Creatures of the Wind fall 2015 collection. Photo: Creatures of the Wind

A look from the Creatures of the Wind fall 2015 collection. Photo: Creatures of the Wind

If you've ever heard Creatures of the Wind designers Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier discuss their shared, out-there inspirations for each collection they create, you'd have no doubt that they're kindred spirits. "We like the very same things, and have the exact same tastes. We’re very spooky-twinsy in that way," Peters said after the duo showed its fall 2015 collection on Thursday, which was based on their experiences and what they love about living in America. 

Though the show was entitled "Americana," the clothing didn't reflect what normally comes to mind after hearing that term. Playing upon elements from the  '20s, '60s and '70s and the melding effect that psychedelics have in our culture, pieces ranged from mod short dresses with high necks (paired with shiny platform boots), to smartly tailored suiting pieces that were equal parts boyish and rock 'n' roll, to  flowy dresses and blouses in a trippy pattern made from silver lamé. 

The vibe of the era came through in the show's soundtrack as well, and many of the tunes hold special meaning for the designers. "The Captain Beefheart song 'Autumn’s Child' was my favorite song when I was 13. And the song we closed with by Broadcast was important to me in high school," Peters said. "A lot of those references — even the '60s and '70s thing — were not necessarily about the time period, but about our personal perceptions of those things and our associations with those textures, prints and clothes through our own lives growing up in rural Michigan and rural New Jersey."

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One person that both Peters and Gabier found themselves referencing again and again while creating the collection was Catherine Ribero, a French folk musician from the '60s, and they included her vocals in the show soundtrack as well. "She's weirdly someone we’ve been going back to over and over again. She was our hair and makeup inspiration… kind of our everything inspiration," said Peters.

As for the most blatantly "American" items in the collection — a series of star-spangled mink stoles worn across models' chests like a pageant sash — they didn't have as patriotic of an inspiration as you might think. "I just really wanted to make them, I need one for myself," he explained. We do, too.

Click through the gallery below to see the full collection.