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Why a Personal Style Blogger Goes to Fashion Week

WeWoreWhat's Danielle Bernstein gets real about why she goes to fashion shows.
Danielle Bernstein. Photo: Weworewhat

Danielle Bernstein. Photo: Weworewhat

Thousands of people attend fashion week every season, but why do they go? Does their job require them to be there? What are they looking for? We seek to answer these questions in a series of short profiles leading into New York Fashion Week. Next up: WeWoreWhat founder Danielle Bernstein.

What's your primary reason for going to fashion week?

To support my friends who are designers and designers I’ve worked with in the past who I have collaborations with. So I go to show my support and have a presence there and be shot by street style photographers. That’s really it.

So street style is important in addition to attending the shows?

Yeah for sure.

How do you decide which shows to attend?

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Based on my favorite designers and then based on people that I work closely with and have close relationships with and then based on projects, so if someone wants to dress me and pay me to be there. It always is really organic.

Is it difficult balancing the busy show schedule with consistently updating your blog?

Yeah, it’s really heavy on Instagram during that week and then I save all my blog posts for after.

How do you cover fashion week on WeWoreWhat? Is it mainly just outfit posts or do you also discuss the collections?

I discuss the shows and the trends I see within my outfit posts. The blog is really strictly a daily source of outfit inspiration, so it’s outfit after outfit, so it’s what I wore and then if I’m really passionate about a piece that I saw that day I’ll say, 'I saw this, this, and this, and these are the trends I’m seeing,' and I’ll probably include it together. I don’t really do runway photos on my blog.

What do you feel you get out of going to fashion week?

It’s awesome to get to see everything that’s going to be available in the next season in person, I get to see a lot of friends that work in the industry, and I get to sit front row at most of the shows. I think it’s also great exposure for me and when you get put on those websites like Vogue, street style, and all that stuff.