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What Fashionista's Editors Are Wearing to Fashion Week

It's going to be a cold one.

New York Fashion Week is nearly upon us and, guys, it's going to be a cold one — with temperatures dipping as low as 3 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. Needless to say, we're bundling up, and while we might wear old snowboots and even sweatpants with socks (hi, Lauren) to the office under normal circumstances, it's Fashion Week, and we're not ashamed to say we're going to put in a little more effort than usual.

At least for the first few days. Then we expect it to go something like this.

Alyssa Vingan, Senior Editor

Dhani Mau, Senior Editor

Tyler McCall, Senior Associate Editor

Eliza Brooke, Associate Editor

Chantal Fernandez, Associate Editor

Lauren Indvik, Editor in Chief

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