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Chantal's Fresh Wooden Sunglasses

It has layers. Like an onion.

I learned about British sunglass brand Finlay & Co. when I visited the designers at emerging designer showcase The White Space during New York Fashion Week. A trio of friends started the brand to make high quality wooden sunglasses, which is harder than it sounds. Now entering its third year, Finlay & Co. has five different frame styles to choose from; plus, each pair is slightly different from the next due to grains in the wood. 

The Carnaby style, above, is my favorite because you can see the different kinds of wood that are layered together to the create the frame. This particular shade, 'Natural,' has a darker stain on the outside and a lighter stain on the inside, which is visible on the hinges. On a classic, simple silhouette, the organic material is an unexpectedly cool detail. It's also important to note that the glasses don't feel flimsy or hollow, because at £120 (about $136) a pop, you want to feel the value in your hands -- and on your face. 

Carnaby Natural, £120 (and free international shipping), available at Finlay & Co. 

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