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Gigi Hadid and J.R. Smith Unite Fashion and Basketball at NYFW

The pair co-hosted an event for Maybelline and Made Fashion Week on Friday.
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Victor Cruz and Gigi Hadid. Photo: Koury Angelo

Victor Cruz and Gigi Hadid. Photo: Koury Angelo

If New York Fashion Week feels more like NBA Fashion Week to you this season, you're not alone. With the NBA All-Star matchup going down Saturday, NBA players have fully capitalized on their time in freezing NYC, hosting style lounges (like Dwyane Wade did earlier this week), their own fashion shows (like Friday's All-Star All-Style, produced by Lebron James), and Saturday's tech talks with Carmelo Anthony and Intel.

Naturally, J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t skip a beat, hosting a joint party along with his pal, supermodel and newly minted Maybelline spokesperson, Gigi Hadid. The two came together to celebrate a crossover of Fashion Week and the NBA All-Star Weekend with a party Friday night at Milk Studios.

“We wanted to do an event that brought fashion and sports together because there’s nothing that really combines the two,” Hadid said. “Every celebrity sits front row at Fashion Week and a lot of basketball players are in the front row too. So we’re like, why not just do something like this?”

Hadid, who was sporting a Jonathan Simkhai jumpsuit, said that she had long been a basketball fan but had not met with Smith until that night.

“He’s super cool, just nice, calm,” she said. “That happens a lot with players when they know they’re good, they’re just chill.”

Flanked by her sister Bella, boyfriend Cody Simpson and 10 best friends, Hadid danced the night away. The alcohol was flowing, but Hadid did not partake. At 19, she's still underage.

“I feel like I wouldn’t even have time to any way, I’m here taking pictures and talking to people,” she said. “I just want to go to sleep and make dinner. I’m having so much fun though. There’s truffle mac and cheese here!”

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The model, who boxes on the daily to maintain her shape, said that it allows her to sometimes partake in some sinful actions -- like eating a panini.

Smith made his rounds at the party as well, with dozens of fans taking their turns with their selfies (one woman came with a selfie stick). The 29-year-old didn’t hesitate for a second, and graciously took every photo.

J.R. Smith. Photo: Koury Angelo

J.R. Smith. Photo: Koury Angelo

“I’m just really happy that it’s fashion week,” he explained of his good mood. “I love fashion and fashion week is definitely a time where I get to get excited.”

Smith participated in Lebron James’s fashion show earlier in the day and said that being a fashion consumer wasn’t what he wanted to remain as.

“I want to be a fashion consultant,” he said. “I want to parlay my fashion expertise between designers and NBA players later on. That’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.”

Perhaps one day consulting for a brand that works with Hadid?

"Never say never," he said. 

Cover photo: Jason Rodgers