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Gigi Hadid Scores Two 'Teen Vogue' Covers

She's on the "Supermodel Fast Track."
Courtesy Teen Vogue

Courtesy Teen Vogue

Famous celebrity offspring models aren't going anywhere anytime soon, guys: Gigi Hadid just scored a major cover coup with Teen Vogue.

Just as Kendall Jenner had two covers in September, Hadid has two separate covers of the March issue of Teen Vogue. The first is her solo, dubbing her the "American Dream Girl." She shares cover duties with fellow model-of-the-moment Binx Walton, who also has her own cover.

It's not surprising that Hadid nabbed the cover, since Editor in Chief Amy Astley showered her and her model sister Bella with praise recently — commending their large Instagram following, so crucial to the teen audience. It is interesting that she co-stars with Walton rather than Bella, though somehow we think Bella's doing just fine.

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