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Haim's Makeup Artist Gives Us Pointers on Looking Stupid Cool in 10 Minutes

The sisters look so good in their new video for "Pray to God" that we just had to ask.

When the music video for Calvin Harris and Haim's song "Pray to God" came out this week, every occupant of the Fashionista office had the same reaction: the video is good, but the sisters' beauty looks were completely badass. With their smoky eyes, fair skin and typically center parted hair, the girls took their witchy vibe up a few dozen notches.

The results were so good that we needed more information. So, we called up Jo Baker, who has worked with the sisters for events like the Grammys and created the look for "Pray to God," to get some pointers.

1. Go for a wash of eyeshadow over your lids.

Baker's number one piece of advice? Keep it simple. Although YouTube tutorials have popularized the style of eye makeup that involves crease shading, brow bone highlighter, a dab of white at the inner corner, liner, mascara, false lashes and an epic amount of blending, there is a better way: a straight wash of color over the whole eyelid.

"Choose colors you’re attracted to, and play around with a color wash all over the eye and underneath the eye," Baker says. "Play around with different tones and see what makes your eyes pop."

That can mean going darker or lighter, by the way. While the girls rocked cool, moody colors in the video, a light shade can be fantastic on darker skin.

2. Skip the blush.

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"I really do like the intensity in the eye and the lip and keeping the cheek bare," Baker says. "I want it to feel modern. I don’t need curled eyelashes and lipgloss and contouring and bronzer."

3. ... and also the lip gloss.

"I just try to steer away from lip gloss because it doesn’t feel like cool makeup, but a lipstick does," Baker says. "Eyeliner does, eyeshadow does. Lip gloss feels so girly and young."

There's certainly a time and place for lip gloss. A Haim music video is not it.

4. It really doesn't need to take more than 10 minutes. Seriously.

Baker says that she likes the girls' makeup to look as though it only took five or ten minutes to do. The question, of course, is whether she actually got them camera ready in that time.

"I can literally do it in 10 minutes," Baker says. "You can absolutely do your makeup at home and get that same cool-girl look without too much fuss and a million brushes."

5. Dress like a witch, act like a ray of sunshine.

"Everyone thinks they look like witches. They are so hilarious and fun and upbeat and super comedic, so when people say there’s a 'witchy' feel, I think it comes with the long hair, dark clothing," Baker says of the sisters. "They’re not the plastic music video girls that are trying to be super pretty and sexy. They don’t want to be sexy. They want to be cool, and they are cool, so it reads more moody, coven-y, witchy."