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Watch Helen Mirren's First Ad for L'Oréal Paris

If you could bottle the confidence of a wildly successful, megababe sexagenarian actress, we would buy it in bulk.
Is bae. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Is bae. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Back in October, we were excited to learn that Helen Mirren had signed a contract with L'Oréal Paris at age 69, one in a spate of post-50 actresses including Jessica Lange and Charlotte Rampling who have nabbed high-profile beauty campaigns in recent months. Her first ad for the brand is now here, and she looks real good. Not that we expected otherwise — there's a reason why Mirren remains a universally acknowledged sex symbol. 

Unlike Lange's ads for Marc Jacobs, Tilda Swinton's campaign for Nars or Twiggy's recent spot for L'Oréal Professionnel — which market beauty products that aren't age-specific — Mirren's promo for the brand's Age Perfect skincare range directly targets older women. And it goes for a straight shot in acknowledging women's concerns about aging. Mirren kicks off the video asking, "Ever feel like you go unnoticed, and when you aren't... well..." [Cut to a young woman offering up her seat at a bus stop.] All she wants is a skincare routine to "help me look like me." That's real.

Of course, Mirren rediscovers her inner babe, puts on some lipstick and a black leather jacket and heads out on the town. She passes a young hottie who's either ogling her or vice versa; the sunlight in his eyes makes it hard to tell, but I like to think it's the latter. 

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We know she's one of the greatest actresses of our time, but boy does she sell it. Watch the full thing below.