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Hood by Air's Models Got Nightmarish Makeovers

We mean this in a good way.
The finished look. Photo: Eliza Brooke

The finished look. Photo: Eliza Brooke

In the depths of an unfinished building on Wall Street, in a back room that smelled distinctly of weed, the beauty team at Hood by Air was getting busy on Sunday morning creating a look for the models that was artistic bordering on nightmarish. 

"We're trying to install a certain type of people into the Hood by Air brand and concept who might not be exposed to it," lead hairstylist Amy Farid explained. "We're taking these country bumpkins and putting them into HBA, giving them a new face, new hair, new identities. We're constantly playing with identity and sexuality, and incorporating it all into this amazing collection."

The fastest way to reinvent someone? Stick a stocking over his head and start working on top of that. Farid's team gelled the models' hair into finger waves or straight, piece-y shapes before pulling them on. Makeup artist Inge Grognard then went in and used MAC Cosmetics's ebony eye pencil to draw in graphic brows (upward strokes) and cheekbones (start above the ear, drag it tight under the cheekbone). On some models, she added a line along the jaw using a coffee eye pencil. 

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A few of the girls were exempted from the stocking treatment, but on a whole, the models were completely unrecognizable. Their appearances were simultaneously hazy and stark, an uncomfortable, dissonant thing to look at — but also the reason why beauty looks like this are so much fun.

To mix things up, Hood by Air designer Shayne Oliver also threw some grills into the mix. If there's one thing from the collection that needs to get some editorial pickup, it's these.

Photo: Eliza Brooke

Photo: Eliza Brooke