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J.Crew's Lipstick Guru Gives His Advice for Owning a Bright Lip

If there is one person we trust to show us how to wear orange lipstick, it is Troi Ollivierre.
J.Crew's fall 2015 presentation on Tuesday. Photo: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

J.Crew's fall 2015 presentation on Tuesday. Photo: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

It's possible to simply say "J.Crew lipstick" and have people know exactly what you're referring to: a bright pop of tangerine, pink or red, paired with a bit of blush, easy hair and mascara. The mastermind behind the brand's signature look is makeup artist Troi Ollivierre, who launched his own line of lipsticks in November and who was on hand backstage at J.Crew's presentation on Tuesday morning to tell us all about his approach to beauty. Let's just start by saying that you'll never see this guy doing ugly-cool makeup.

"I'm always attracted to color and [freshness]," Ollivierre says. "I never like anything that doesn't look pretty."

Pretty for fall meant replicating the flush you get after going skiing. Ollivierre mixed moisturizer and foundation for a sheer, natural skin look, and applied blush on the nose and cheeks, bringing the color down a bit to create a ruddy look. The lip color was a sheer stain from his line called "Tim," a pretty, highly pigmented pink that Ollivierre applied from the tube with a brush.

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Unsurprisingly, Ollivierre works off the collection when creating a makeup look. This season, J.Crew had a lot of bright colors, sparkle and appliqués, so he figured it was best to temper the busyness with a soft, sheer lip.

It's a pretty easy look to wear with confidence. But what about those intimidatingly saturated orange-reds?

"I think [orange] can work with anyone, it just depends on how you apply it -- whether you pat it on or put it on full wash from the tube," Ollivierre says.

"Start by patting it on," he advises. "A lot of times, if you do it straight from the tube, you're getting full coverage. It's like anything; if you take a swipe of foundation, you're going to get full coverage, so we start by patting and build from there. It's a better way to introduce yourself to it."

In other words: just do it.