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Kanye West Tweets Open Letter to Fern Mallis

He suggests they book a table at the Spotted Pig to talk.
Kanye West, front row at Fashion Week. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kanye West, front row at Fashion Week. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Now trending on Twitter: West Village restaurant and purveyor of excellent shoestring fries, the Spotted Pig.

That would be the result of the last in a series of tweets that rapper and ever-burgeoning designer Kanye West sent to Fern Mallis on Friday morning, after the de facto creator of New York Fashion Week told the New York Post that she's "kind of over Kanye" and is "not a fan of his music, and the attitude and the agenda are not [her] style."

So West shot off a number of tweets defending himself and the challenges he's faced as a Famous Person in the industry, closing the rant out with an invitation to get a drink at the Spotted Pig, where he recently dined with Taylor Swift.

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Kanye continued his thought in a series of tweets:

"... and I have encountered countless amounts of bigotry along the way. / I have millions of ideas and I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world. / I don't call myself a designer as I was not allowed to go to Saint Martins / because I was too famous by the time I realized I wanted to design. / Fame is often looked down upon in the design world, so it's actually been something I had to overcome. / All we have are our dreams, and you can step on our dreams and ideas all you want, but we won't stop fighting. / We want to innovate and we will win someday."

Two things. One: reservations at that place are about to go through the roof. And two, we really do hope Mallis takes him up on the offer. The fries alone are worth a trip, and the conversation would be even better.