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Nike Launches An App for Speedy Sneaker Shopping

... less than a week after Adidas released its own sneaker reservation app.

Mobile shopping keeps getting easier for sneakerheads. Nike has launched a new app called Snkrs that saves the user's billing, shipping and sizing information to allow for speedy in-app checkout. In addition to listing existing sneaker franchises, the app also gives users the option to set notifications for upcoming releases so they can snap the new drops up in minutes.

If this concept sounds oddly familiar to you, it's probably because Adidas released its own sneaker reservation app a little over a week ago in advance of Kanye West's Yeezy Boost sneakers going on sale in New York this Saturday. Nike announced its app on Wednesday; West's Adidas fashion week presentation and livestream are set to take place on Thursday afternoon. 

The timing is too perfect, but before we get too deep into pitting the athleticwear rivals' apps against one another, it is worth noting that they do have somewhat different functionality. While Adidas's app is oriented around drops and only lets the user reserve a pair of sneakers for in-store pickup, Nike's app enables shopping at any time, with the added benefit of drop alerts. 

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We're curious to see what kind of pickup the two apps get in the coming weeks, and if users prefer one over the other. Either way, one thing's clear: sneaker fans were the real winners this week.