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Funky Layering and '90s Vibes Prevail at Rag & Bone

Who knew that a slip dress over a lurex tee over a pair of cropped trousers could actually work?
A look from the Rag & Bone fall 2015 collection. Photo: Rag & Bone

A look from the Rag & Bone fall 2015 collection. Photo: Rag & Bone

There are more than a few reasons why I look forward to Rag & Bone's show every season. First off, the show often has snacks — this time around, they were yummy corn nuts that would have paired excellently with the ice cold Peronis also being served, although I didn't partake (no drinking on the job!). And secondly, I almost always walk away from the venue with a mental shopping list of pieces that I want to wear. 

For fall 2015, designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright looked to the '90s for inspiration, especially when it came to the layering and outerwear. One of the collection's most pervasive styles was the shiny puffer coat, which came in a number of shapes and in loud shades of yellow, orange and burgundy. These immediately brought to mind the Missy Elliott-era rap videos of yore (fitting that Elliott is also currently having a "moment"), but thanks to long, slim-fitting cuts (and interesting details on the shorter ones), they didn't appear too bulky.

Then came a number of lace-lined silk slip dresses worn over long-sleeve tees and lurex tops, which reminded me of what the too-cool-to-care skater kids wore in high school. But it didn't stop there: The designers showed fitted skirts worn over pants, coats layered over vests and windbreakers over blazers, creating combinations that we'd never even imagined before. 

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As for my aforementioned mental shopping list, the items that top it this time around are the coats. Long versions in orange and black with shearling-lined collars were a modern take on a classic shape, and the label reimagined a closet staple — the camel coat — as a shiny (and surprisingly luxe-looking) nylon windbreaker and sleeveless puffer vest. The smartly tailored suiting pieces and button-downs that have become Rag & Bone staples were present, too, done up in shiny new materials, with exposed zippers and oversized buttons for a streetwise refresh.

Yes, the styling was a little funky, sometimes bordering on bizarre — I personally don't think I have enough street cred to pull off wearing daytime lingerie over boyish trousers. But, taken piece by piece, there's plenty of wearable stuff to look forward to for fall. Start honing your layering skills now, ladies.