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For Rosie Assoulin, Daywear Is as Elegant as Eveningwear

And eveningwear is as easy as daywear. And it's all awesome.
A look from Rosie Assoulin's fall 2015 collection. Photo: Rosie Assoulin

A look from Rosie Assoulin's fall 2015 collection. Photo: Rosie Assoulin

If there was one big takeaway from Rosie Assoulin's fall 2015 presentation, it was that the woman has range. The designer — now less of a "one to watch" and more of a New York Fashion Week must-see — proved her versatility with a collection that included eveningwear, loungewear and everything in between. What was most impressive, however, is that you really couldn't say that one look was stronger than another.

Yes, the eveningwear was stunning: sculptural but not overdone, it would be perfect for a stylish celebrity to wear when she wants to make a statement but still feel comfortable. The daywear was just as strong, ranging from cropped sweaters and khaki pants — some with an exaggerated flared hem — to silk and velvet sweatpants and wonderfully simple 3-button duster coats.

"We sort of treated each look as its own little thing," explained Assoulin, who didn't have any one theme or inspiration point in mind. Instead, she focused on making the collection feel cohesive in its relevance and ease. "The energy of today filters through everything and how you want to wear it and what you want to wear," she said. "There’s an ease I hope and it’s elevated, but it’s still something comfortable and knowable. If you want to, you can try something new and push yourself."

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While some brands become known for one style or category that they do really, really well — which can be a smart strategy, especially for an emerging designer — Assoulin, it seems, doesn't have to. She somehow manages to inject that "ease" into her eveningwear, while making her more casual pieces feel just as elevated, to the point where there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the two types of styles. And these days, does there need to be? The models at Monday's presentation all could have easily been guests at the same fancy cocktail party — and half of them were wearing sneakers.