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Shrimps Expands Beyond Coats for Fall 2015

Here's what Alexa Chung will be wearing in a few months.
Shrimps fall 2015 presentation. Photo credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Shrimps fall 2015 presentation. Photo credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

At the Shrimps presentation today, it was almost impossible to tell who was a model and who was a guest. So many girls are sporting the coats this fashion week, Somerset House has become a veritable sea of faux fur. 

Indeed, designer Hannah Weiland has gained her cult following at an alarming rate, cultivating immediate success that most young brands could only dream of. In our first five minutes there, we spotted Alexa Chung, Chelsea Leyland and Pixie Geldof springing into the presentation, all in matching Shrimps jackets.

The brand's signature '60s cuts could be seen in short blue swing jackets and longer dress coats with contrasting collars. Aside from the outerwear that the brand's become known for, Friday marked the debut of Weiland's first ready to wear pieces. Sweetness prevailed in the schoolgirl polo-necks and kilts, and corduroy skirts were tempered with a flash of PVC. Though the designer cites her inspiration as "'Star Trek' and the 'Wizard of Oz,'" the collection came with a hefty dose of '70s glam rock. Longline jackets sparkled in a silver lurex that David Bowie would be proud of, and shaggy lapels were a distinctly retro shade of orange.

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These '60s and '70s influences are sure to appeal to Weilands's varied clientele -- when we caught up with her at the presentation she told us her customers range from girls in their 20's to women in their 50's. "My nana who's 90 wears hers everywhere!" she exclaimed. With such a wide fanbase, the brand has seen global sales rise already this year in the U.S., Asia, Russia and Germany as well as her well-loved U.K. But with a hoard of celebrity fans, and the backing of editors nationwide, it's refreshing to know that Weiland still sees her rapid success as "a big surprise. Huge!"