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'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue to Feature Plus-Size Bikini Ad

Well hello Ashley Graham.
We're fanning ourselves. Photo: Swimsuitsforall

We're fanning ourselves. Photo: Swimsuitsforall

When the annual Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition hits stands on Feb. 9, it will feature something totally different: a plus-size model.

Plus-size swimsuit brand Swimsuitsforall took out an ad in the famous all-ladies edition of the mag. It's a smart move: one-third of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit's readership -- that's 18 million -- are reportedly women, and the swimsuits featured in the annual Swimsuit Edition often sell out. Those women are bound to stop and pay attention when they see a plus-size model gracing the glossy alongside the standard issue babes in bikinis (and we're willing to bet a few men will stop in their tracks, too). 

Plus, come on: Graham's hot bod deserves to be on display in the Swimsuit Edition. Check it out in motion below:

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