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St. Vincent's Annie Clark Achieves Peak Aesthetic

As the title of her debut album says, "Marry me."
Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

The Brit Awards happened in London Wednesday night, and when we rounded up the best of the red carpet, one very stylish lady snuck past us: Annie Clark, a.k.a St. Vincent, a.k.a. the dream #aesthetic.

Styled by Avigail Claire, Clark wears look three from Balenciaga's spring 2015 collection, a playsuit with sparkly hips and sheer sleeves. The all-black ensemble is topped off with a coat (because it is still cold, after all) and sheer tights, which are something of a (practical!) staple for Clark.

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

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All that black is broken up by a pair of red patent sculptural heels. Also, I am still unclear on how she manages to do the jacket-as-cape thing and not come off as an enormous asshole. What is the secret, Annie?!

Clark is back to dark brunette after experimenting with various shades of bleached-out platinums and lilacs when her (Grammy-award winning!) album "St. Vincent" debuted last February. Hair stylist Pamela Neal let Clark's locks go wild and curly. Things got particularly interesting on her face: Not only is there a bright red lip, but makeup artist Lucy Gibson also swiped a bit of yellow eyeshadow above the crease of Clark's eye. 

Not a look a lot of people could pull off...but then, I remain unconvinced that Annie Clark is even a real person.