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Chantal's Athletic Onesie

It's something a hip young Buzz Lightyear would wear.

I've always wondered what it would be like to wear a men's wrestling uniform, even though they look about as uncomfortable as Borat's lime-green mankini. But there is something so freeing about a one-piece. I recently invested in some denim overalls that make me feel giddy with joy every time I wear them, so I feel pretty confident I could get the same result from an athletically minded head-to-toe suit of elastic polyester.

Also, kudos to Stella McCartney for even producing such an insane item for her Adidas Stellasport collection. It's neither flattering nor widely applicable for most activities, but by golly is it fun. How could I not be motivated to do my best in spin class or erg the hell out my indoor rower in this smart number? Never again will I forget my tank top when I quickly stuff a pair of spandex leggings in my bag on the way to work. And most importantly, if I ever get the opportunity for some impromptu bobsledding, I will be the most ready. 

Sport Onesie by Adidas Stellasport, $95, available at Topshop

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