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Teatum Jones Adds Some Glamour To Its Signature Quirk for Fall

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A look from the Teatum Jones fall 2015 collection. Photo: Teatum Jones

A look from the Teatum Jones fall 2015 collection. Photo: Teatum Jones

You don't have to read tea leaves to predict that Teatum Jones will come up with an off-beat collection: Quirky is how designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones roll. That theme continued for fall 2015, but with some shots of high-throttle, old-school glamour.

The collection was inspired by '60s American Motown songstress Gloria Jones, who became known in the UK as the Northern Queen of Soul. (She also recorded the song "Tainted Love," covered years later by Soft Cell.) In her honor, the duo mismatched a mosaic print (meant to mimic a wood parquet dance floor) with a dogs-tooth pattern inspired by the Northerners who loved her so. They also used shades like "coal miners black" -- a deep charcoal black in coupe de fil fringing on some truly beautiful pieces -- on these, the hand work could be seen from a mile away.

Cocoon silhouettes and some masculine shoes (real stompers -- and their inaugural stab at footwear) all worked with a wild flamboyance. Whilst we were slightly confused by the models' wolf hair and raccoon-eyed beauty look, it helped to tell a story -- of the incongruity of a black Motown singer becoming, against all odds, an idol in '60s Northern England. 

Things took a sharp, less quirky turn towards the end of a show when a couple of sinuous, sex-siren dresses came down the runway -- the last dress was downright red carpet-worthy. Could Teatum Jones be hinting at a change of aesthetic? With that little nugget, we are intrigued to see what lies ahead.

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