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The Best Street Style From Day 7 of New York Fashion Week

Double Delpozo strikes again, because time is a flat circle.
Lighten up, it's just fashion. Photo: Emily Malan/Fashionista

Lighten up, it's just fashion. Photo: Emily Malan/Fashionista

We are in the final stretches of fashion week, and a tired delirium is setting in even though you wouldn't know it just by looking at Wednesday's street style pictures. You'll find the same trends we've been seeing every other day of the week: colorful and neutral fur, distressed and embroidered denim, chilly leg exposure, stripes of all kinds, annoying bloggers who change three times in one day. And, most perplexingly, two women wore Delpozo fall 2014 coats, again. One is a slightly different style, but both had the same rainbow pastel pattern. It kind of makes sense because Delpozo had its show Wednesday, but still -- what is happening? Why are people pulling a Kate Middleton and rewearing looks that were extremely well documented a mere week ago? It boggles the mind and defies any explanation except that New York Fashion Week is coming to a close. Maybe the only way to move forward is to reexamine where we've been? 

See the gallery below for our favorite looks from day seven of New York Fashion Week, and see our posts from day six, day five, day four, day three, day two and day one for more.

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