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Chantal's Effortless, Oversized Blouse

In that pretty blue-gray color of overcast skies.

There is something about a mandarin collar that makes me feel very grown-up in a European way. And when I saw this long, light blue blouse at Topshop this weekend, I was surprised by how its whole construction --  the cut of the shoulders, the almost gauzy yet crisp fabric -- seemed so, well, not like something you can find at the trendy retailer. It just looks so much more expensive. And not that Topshop doesn't do its fair share of basics, but this blouse is versatile without being expected. If I wash it carefully every time (which I've already had to do once thanks to a bacon grilled cheese sandwich), it might actually last me a long time. 

But wait, there's a surprise! It has a slit in the back, below the shoulder blades. It's nothing crazy or too sexy because the hem is so long, but it provides some fresh movement when you walk. Business in the front and party in the back, am I right?

Textured Grandad Collar Blouse, $90, available at Topshop

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