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16 Spring Shoes You Can Wear Right Now

Because why wait?
Part oxford, part sandal. Photo: & Other Stories

Part oxford, part sandal. Photo: & Other Stories

February always seems like the longest month of the year. The holidays (and all those precious paid days off) are tragically over and Memorial Day  is a heartbreaking three months out. And if last winter wasn't polar vortex-y enough, this one is even worse. So obviously, I'm tremendously sick of my big, bulky cold weather clothes already, especially all the practical, clunky winter boots, which have more than paid for themselves this season. I often find myself looking longingly at toe-baring sandals and summery strappy heels. But it feels foolish to buy them now, when it will be an eternity before I can actually wear them.

The solution to my retail therapy needs? Transitional shoes: cut-out oxfords, loafers and sandals and backless mules that you can style with cute socks and wool pants or tights and a tea-length skirt now, but that can also be worn as the temperatures get balmier, with shorts or a summer dress. Of course, I'll still buy buy full-on sandals -- lots of them -- when the time comes, but this will cure my need for a shoe fix right now.

Click through the gallery below to shop 16 pairs of spring-ready, but winter-appropriate shoes.

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