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Tyler's Cher Horowitz Approved Socks

Jeep and Collie-fur backpack not included.

The other day, I was recounting to Lauren how in the sixth grade, I was insistent on dressing exactly like Cher Horowitz — plaid skirts, platform shoes, knee high socks and all.

It definitely did not make me cool at my school where Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle ruled supreme, but Lauren pointed out that it's pretty much right in line with my #aesthetic as an adult, and I have to admit: She's got a point. I'm thinking of attempting pretty pastel knee highs come spring (thinking being the key word), but while it's still freezing cold, a nice thick pair in black is a good starting point. I can layer them over tights with my Doc Martens now and wear them bare-legged with flats in a few months. 

Falke Cozy Wool Knee-High Socks, $44, available at Bloomingdale's

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