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Versace Went Hashtag-Happy (and Red Hot) for Fall

Donatella is embracing the Internet this season.
The Versace fall 2015 finale. Photo: Imaxtree

The Versace fall 2015 finale. Photo: Imaxtree

The Versace show space — located inside the house's original atelier on Via Gesùwas a bit of an assault on the eyes. That's not because it wasn't nice to look at: the plexiglass runway was lined with lush trees and there was a giant, Roman key-design structure of the same material built as a backdrop. But instead of normal houselights, the room was bathed in red light, making for an interesting seat-finding experience. This foreshadowed some sexy things to come, and once the crowd had settled into its benches, the red-hot show could begin.

Donatella Versace isn't one to shy away from excess or sensuality, and her fall 2015 collection only proves this further. In a palette of black and bold, elementary colors, the collection featured lots of thigh-high boots, plunging necklines, skirts with zippers all the way down the back and fitted, pinstriped pieces that represented Versace's take on the power suit. Some dresses and tops were missing their entire backs, allowing Versace-branded bras (with that same Roman key pattern) to hang out on display. 

Evening dresses were slashed and slit up-to-there — the most interesting of which had cut-outs that played with symmetry and simple geometric shapes. Karlie Kloss even stomped down the runway in a dress so short that it barely covered her bottom. For a bit of contrast, there were comfy-looking sweaters and sweatshirts for daytime, emblazoned with the brand's name. The collection as a whole recalled '80s-era decadence and logomania, but save for a few pieces — the large Versace letter chokers and a Big Bird-yellow fur come to mind first — it didn't come off as tacky.

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The sex appeal wasn't the only aspect of this collection that will likely get people talking: The glittery finale looks not only featured the name "Versace" spelled out in multicolored crystals, but we also spotted an "@" symbol and an actual hashtag. We don't think it's a coincidence that the final walk (set to "When Doves Cry" by Prince) culminated with models ascending twin staircases in unison and peeking out from above the runway as Donatella took her bow — it was one of Fashion Month's most Instagrammable moments thus far. If you're planning on posting about your thoughts on the show, don't forget to "at" her. 

See the full fall collection below.