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Apple Took Out 12 Pages in 'Vogue' To Advertise the Apple Watch

A tasteful appeal to the fashion-minded consumer.
Good placement. Photo: Eliza Brooke's iPhone

Good placement. Photo: Eliza Brooke's iPhone

Vogue's March issue is a hefty one. Although joint cover stars Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss add their own cultural oomph to the magazine, it's literally heavy — a 604-page affair bursting with advertisements.

Among those many campaigns? A 12-page spread for the Apple Watch, which Re/code pointed out on Wednesday evening. The clean, chic photo series features five watch styles and occupies the prime real estate opposite Anna Wintour's letter from the editor.

Apple's done it up right for its most fashion-conscious target econsumers, splurging on heavier, matte paper cut slightly smaller than the rest of the magazine's pages and showing off detail shots of the leather and stainless steel bands. It's time to make a push for shoppers' attention, after all, since the device starts shipping in April.

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Classy. Photo: Also Eliza Brooke's iPhone

Classy. Photo: Also Eliza Brooke's iPhone

Apple began cozying up to the fashion world's tastemakers immediately after it announced the watch in September, hosting an event at Colette during Paris Fashion Week, at which Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld commingled with Jony Ive and Marc Newson. Now, nabbing the spot right next to Wintour's letter nicely underscores that relationship. Of course, the company also has its own very real ties to the industry, given that it's poached a whole lot of execs from luxury brands including Burberry, YSL and Tag Heuer in preparation for this launch.

But the question is, will the Vogue reader want to buy an Apple Watch? Maybe. This ad, at the very least, lays some very elegant groundwork in that direction.

Homepage photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images