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Eliza's Minimalist Workout Top

With New York Fashion Week behind us, it's time to start exercising again. [Audible sigh]

The week following New York Fashion Week is all about rebirth. Getting some sleep. Transitioning out of a diet consisting primarily of pizza, chocolate caramel popcorn and gum. Drinking some water in addition to coffee. Perhaps even exercising a bit.

While the dingy quality of my skin is motivation enough to hit refresh on my eating habits, I find it much harder to convince myself to haul my ass to the gym after over a week off. That's what we have cute workout clothes for. I've been a big fan of the New York-based brand Outdoor Voices since it launched. Half designed for athletics and half positioned for everyday wear, the line is full of cool, clean cuts in quiet tones that make you want to get to a yoga class or go for a run. 

I'm especially fond of this crop top. You can wear as a light bra, under a zip-up hoodie or — if you're feeling truly brave — by itself. 

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Outdoor Voices Athena Crop, $60, available at Outdoor Voices.