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Dhani's Magical Hair Straightening Cream

It's a lot cheaper than keratin.

I've been straightening my naturally (very) curly hair off and on since middle school, so I've obviously tried a lot of different products and methods, and I think I've just found the best one so far — at least in terms of things you can do at home, by yourself.

I haven't gotten a keratin treatment in over three months, and my hair is pretty much back to its natural state, so I started trying this Aveda treatment that recently came across my desk. It's a simple cream that you apply to damp hair in sections before blow drying. Not only does it make my hair much easier to straighten, but it also promises to change the actual texture of my hair. Allegedly, once you've used it five times consecutively, your hair will remain straight — on its own — for up to three washes. I've yet to use it that many times in a row, but I definitely notice a difference in my hair. It seems straighter, even before I dry it.

This doesn't quite have the same smoothing, frizz-eliminating effects as an actual keratin treatment, but at $26 for a whole bottle, it's a lot cheaper, and pretty damn effective.

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