Chantal's Gentle Face Wax

No handlebar mustaches here, folks.
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Let's talk about the female mustache. Left untreated, the female mustache can result in awkward staring by loved ones, chronic loneliness and clumpy foundation. I admit my own facial fuzz isn't that bad, but it still has to be addressed at least monthly if I want to interact with other humans.

Enter Bliss Spa's bright pink waxing strips. They don't smell like anything, come conveniently in small double-sided strips and the box even includes a tiny bottle of blue liquid that removes any sticky residue that's left over. Most importantly, the wax is pretty gentle — or as gentle as something can be while also effectively ripping out society-defying facial hair. I warm the strips between my hands thirty seconds before using for optimum stickiness, and voila! Smooth as a baby's bottom.

Bliss Spa Poetic Waxing Wax Strips Face, $12.50 (from $25), available at Amazon

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