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Chantal's Gentle Face Wax

No handlebar mustaches here, folks.

Let's talk about the female mustache. Left untreated, the female mustache can result in awkward staring by loved ones, chronic loneliness and clumpy foundation. I admit my own facial fuzz isn't that bad, but it still has to be addressed at least monthly if I want to interact with other humans.

Enter Bliss Spa's bright pink waxing strips. They don't smell like anything, come conveniently in small double-sided strips and the box even includes a tiny bottle of blue liquid that removes any sticky residue that's left over. Most importantly, the wax is pretty gentle — or as gentle as something can be while also effectively ripping out society-defying facial hair. I warm the strips between my hands thirty seconds before using for optimum stickiness, and voila! Smooth as a baby's bottom.

Bliss Spa Poetic Waxing Wax Strips Face, $12.50 (from $25), available at Amazon

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