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Chanel Bags Are About to Get Much More Expensive in Europe

On the bright side, they'll be cheaper in China.
A look from the Chanel fall 2015 show. Photo: Imaxtree

A look from the Chanel fall 2015 show. Photo: Imaxtree

When it comes to fashion "investment pieces," it's easy to understand why Chanel bags are among the most popular internationally. Not only are the styles timeless, but there's a certain prestige — and consequent pleasure — that comes with purchasing one in a brick-and-mortar store. Something that has widely varied when it comes to the French label, however, is its international pricing. Due to currency fluctuations in different countries, Chanel bags in Asia have shot up in price, now costing nearly twice as much as they do in Europe.

Chanel is taking steps to effectively reduce this price difference, confirming in a statement to Fashionista that the brand plans to harmonize the prices of its most iconic bags worldwide — the 11.2, the 2.55 and the Boy bag — beginning April 8. For example, the price of Chanel's Boy bag, which currently costs €3,100 in Europe and ¥32,700 in China, will soon cost €3,720 in Europe and ¥26,000 in China. This move follows the recent depreciation of the euro, which, as of Monday, hit a 12-year low against the dollar.

The adjustments will be a boon for shoppers who don't want to travel, but bad for online resellers in Europe. The company said that resellers are a big part of why it made the changes, explaining that they "benefit from current price differentials and jeopardize the business, the image and the exclusivity of Chanel."

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We imagine Chanel's European stores will see a spike in bag sales before the price increases take effect — and one on Ebay, following it. Global pricing of Chanel's other goods will gradually align moving forward, the company said.